How to open a company in the USA.

Non-US resident?

Get your own US company ANYWHERE in the WORLD.


Our complete premium package is developed exclusively for NON-US residents to register your fully working company in the USA with ALL the features you will need INCLUDED...

If you've found a great opportunity to do business in the USA, but don't have the time to visit the US or call every single US bank you can think of to try to get your account opened - we can help.

Trusted by several non-US residents from several countries and different industries.

Our all-inclusive package includes Incorporation, Banking Solutions, Virtual Address and more. Weekly updated Banking Solutions currently offering, Money Transfer Services, and International Bank Accounts.

Company Registration
+ EIN Tax ID
+ Banking Solutions
+ Virtual Address
+ Tax Consultation
+ US Phone Number
+ Registered Agent
+ Lifetime Support

= $399

Why incorporate in Delaware

More than 900,000 US-based and offshore companies had chosen Delaware as their corporate home. Over 60% of the Fortune 500 firms and more than 50% of the companies traded on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ are Chartered as Delaware Corporations

Watch the first minutes of the Stanford University advice for incorporating a business. Kirsty Nathoo, CFO at Y Combinator, and Carolynn Levy, General Counsel at Y Combinator talk about the topic.

The most COMPLETE and TRUSTED solution for Non-US residents

This is our premium all-inclusive service that has helped several Non-US residents start their businesses in the USA.

Company Registration

You will get your US company ready to start trading and receive your Certificate of Incorporation via International Air Mail delivered to your country at no extra cost.


At no extra cost, you will get the Tax ID Number for your company (EIN) to meet the requirements of financial institutions.

Banking Solutions

If you cannot visit the US to open your bank account we provide efficient financial solutions according to your needs that will allow you to access the funds you earn in the US and have it transferred to your country.

Virtual Address

You will enjoy a virtual address in the USA you can use to receive mails and packages to your company with free scanning

Tax Consultation

Non-US residents specialized partner accountant is ready to answer any questions you may have about taxing in your consultation. You can also hire them to take full care of your taxes if required.

US Phone Number

You will get a US Landline phone number to answer calls through your smartphone. Calls can be also forwarded to any phone in the world at reduced rates.

Registered Agent

The State of Delaware requires every company to have a Registered Agent.

Lifetime Support

We guarantee your success and provide the best lifetime support to answer any questions you may have so that you can focus on growing your business

You probably have questions ...

We are here to help YOU grow your business. Tells us why you are visiting our website today so that we can help you get started on your next business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You don't even have to come to the US to set up your company. The State of Delaware allows anyone to form a US company. You can also operate the US company from your own country or from within the US.

We provide a very simple to use Do-it-yourself kit. This saves you the fees other companies charge to set up your company. By following our simple instructions you will see how easy it is to form your own US Corporation or LLC. Further more we include instructions to set up your company bank account US bank (no SSN required - and yes, you can be a non-US resident). We also include a US phone number (voice mail) and how to set up your new company's EIN. Most incorporating companies will charge a non-US resident $600 - $2,000. Using our kit you can set up your company for only $90 (plus the cost of our kit).

Thousands of US companies have been formed by successful NON-US residents using our kit. Our 100% money back guarantee is our full commitment to your success. If you are unsuccessful forming your US company with our kit we will send your money back. Using our kit you have so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

Your total cost will be $299 for our kit + $89 to form a Corporation (or $90 for an LLC). There are no other fees. Unlike most incorporating companies, we provide you with the services of a registered agent for the first year. There is no charge to set up your EIN and US company bank account.

You will have 2 ongoing annual fees: 1. The State fee of $225 for a US corporation (or $300 for an LLC) 2. The registered agents fee of $99 per year, your first year is free.

Delaware law requires both LLC's and Corporations to maintain a Registered Agent in Delaware. The Registered Agent receives any legal notices delivered by Service of Process on your company. This is how you can be permitted to have a Delaware LLC or Corporation without having a business location in Delaware.

An EIN is like a SSN (Social Security Number) for your company. You aren't required to set up an EIN, however you will need one to open a US bank account. Our kit shows you how to set up one for free and instantly.

The US doesn't allow accounts to be opened by citizens of the following countries, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, the UNITA faction in Angola, Syria and Burma (Myanmar).

About US

We are the best online cost-benefit option to successfully form your US company. Other sites will just let you form your company for the cost of our site or even more. Forming your US company with us you will get in addition your EIN, Banking Solutions, Phone number and more at no extra charge.

Most incorporating companies will charge a non-US resident $600 - $2,000 for what you can do with our services.


I want to get into the US market as quickly as possible without having to visit the USA at all. Please take care of all the paperwork for me so I can capitalize on the biggest market in the world with a US Company


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